Mr Davey's "Myths"

Following the publication of the Draft Energy Bill, there has been considerable debate about the merits of the proposed legislation. In response to some of the criticisms raised, the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey, has written an article in which he claims the "there are five myths that need to be knocked down" (DECC website). As he sees it, the "myths" about the Energy Bill that need to be "knocked down" are:

It's too complicated

It's too statist

It's a nuclear subsidy in disguise

Our reforms won't open up the market and encourage new entrants

There are better, cheaper, easier ways of securing investment, cutting carbon and keeping the lights on


Davey has selected these "myths" and ignored other criticisms of the Draft Bill in this article. Unfortunately he has chosen to set these "myths" up as straw men, and then raised his objections. The result is anything but convincing.

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