European energy and climate policy in the face of the Russian interventions in Crimea and Ukraine

A long term, permanent crisis

 1. The Russian intervention in Crimea - and its effective annexation - comes in a context in which Russian intervention in Ukraine has been a continuing feature of southeast European politics fro generation. This is Russia's back yard, and from the mid-ninetieth century Crimean War to Stalin's deliberate famine in the interwar years, the mass deportation of the Crimean Tatars after the Second World War, to today's intervention, the underlying theme that been a combination of strategic interest and the belief that Ukraine is not a proper country, but rather a Russian Satellite.

2. This intervention is not going to be the end of the matter. The borders of Russia have not settled down, and Europe will face instability on its eastern borders for many years to come. The question here is what Europe should do about it...

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