• What will the energy market look like after the CMA inquiry?

    26th March 2015

    Presentation for the Future of Utilities conference on the 26th March 2015. What will the energy market look like after the CMA inquiry?


  • Natural Capital

    13th March 2015

    Envecon Slides from 13th March Presentation at the Applied Environmental Economics Conference.


  • Competition, regulation and reform in the electricity sector

    12th February 2015

    Competition, Regulation and Reform in the Electricity Sector by Professor Dieter Helm, University of Oxford. • Is competition working? • Why aren’t falling fossil fuel prices feeding through to customers? • Can renewables compete in energy only markets? • What are the impacts of capacity auctions? • What are the consequences of zero margin cost generators? • How should sticky supply customers be protected? • Is there a role for default tariffs? • How will storage and smart technologies...


  • SoNC 3 Launch Presentation

    27th January 2015

    Slides from the SoNC 3 Lauch event on the 27th January 2015


  • Beesley Lecture: Energy Policy Post 2015 - where do we go from here?

    2nd October 2014

    2015 will be a pivotal year for energy policy with a General Election in which Labour is set to promise a 20 month freeze of domestic energy prices and the replacement of Ofgem by a more powerful regulator, while the Competition and Markets Authority should complete its investigation of the energy supply market. Electricity Market Reform is now enacted, but substantial uncertainties remain about almost all aspects of its implementation. This lecture will analyse the options open to the new...

  • Europe’s Energy Future: Rejuvenation or decline?

    22nd May 2014

    Slidepack for the FLAME 2014 conference May 22nd 2014. AGENDA Europe’s assumed future in the 2000’s 2020 – 20 – 20 and the Internal Energy Market The new global context Dirty Europe and the dash-for-coal Uncompetitive Europe Insecurity and the Russian threat What next?  

    Carbon Climate Electricity Energy Environment Europe Gas Infrastructure Nuclear Renewables

  • A credible natural capital policy - accounting, compensation and planning

    18th February 2014

    Slides from a presentation at The UBS Smith in the City event 2014. AGENDA Defining natural capital The policy objective Natural capital assets and national income accounts Capital maintenance Capital enhancement Policy instruments What is to be done?

    Environment Infrastructure Regulation

  • Natural Capital Policy

    22nd January 2014

    Presentation as part of the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment's Series on Natural Capital.  Listen HERE.

  • European energy policy in the new geopolitical context

    23rd October 2013

      The European energy and climate narrative - what the leaders believed back in 2005-07 The transformation of US and global energy markets The geopolitical implications - for the US, for China, for Russia The alarming implications for Europe - less security, higher carbon consumption and less affordability and competitiveness The options now - what is to be done?    

    Energy Europe

  • UK Energy Policy Day in Oxford

    31st May 2013

    UK Energy Poiicy Day •What are the objectives of UK climate policy? •What is the global context? •What is the European context? •What is the rationale for the current renewables choice? •Is EMR a good answer? •Will the Green Deal work? •How could the objectives be better met?